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Advertising on can cost as little as $5.00! Advertising with us gets you and your comic, product or service great exposure to the web and print comic community.


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Advertising Rates
There are two different types of banner on the site, Banner Ad Space, and Pixel Partner Banners. To get details on either, click the links below.
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Banner Ad Space - Sign Up Today!

What's the banner size?
Horizontal - 468 pixels X 60 pixels (only)

How Much Does the 468x60 Cost?
We charge a simple flat weekly fee.

The costs are as follows:
In order to purchase advertising space please use the below form.
1 Week - $15.00
2 Weeks - 27.00 (save 10%)
3 Weeks - 37.50 (save 15%)
4 Weeks - 48.00 (save 20%)

Payments can only be made by Paypal using the form below. You should have your banner ready before you purchase you ad space.

How to purchase 468x60 advertising space?
1. Upload you banner to your webserver/website.

2. Put the link that you want people to be taken to when they click on
    your banner in the Banner Link. (Test the link in your browser to make sure it is correct)

3. In the Banner Image field paste the link to the banner.   
    (Test the link in your browser to make sure it is correct)

4. Click on the Pay With Paypal button and complete the purchase. You will be taken back to when you complete the paypal order form.

Your ad will be displayed within 2 days and you will receive detailed click through reports through the life of the campaign.

Submission Guidelines:

Your ad cannot forward to a Web site containing pornography, racism, or anything that may be against the law in the United States of America. reserves the right to remove offensive partner ads, or ads forwarding to offensive Web sites. The cost of removed ads will not be refunded. By continuing with this order you are agreeing to the submission guidelines.

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